The Sales Dilemma:
Sales not driving revenue growth as quickly as ambitions or plans? Sales Prospects never close? Not enough Sales Leads? Value proposition, customer needs and customer targets never quite fit? Sales resource always seems busy but not sufficiently productive? Sales process seem unique and not repeatable? Sales reliant on charismatic individuals rather than repeatable process? Too many silver medals? (unlike the Olympics you get nothing for coming second in sales!)

Who We Are

Strategia Sales & Marketing is a group of professionals with many years of hands-on experience of achieving sales growth and profitable business results.

We focus on the management and execution of the entire sales and marketing process from defining the value proposition, through lead generation to negotiating and closing deals.

What We Do

We have a clearly defined but flexible approach that will allow us to work with you to identify exactly where your issues or bottlenecks are in the sales and marketing process and where we can help.

We have worked with sales & marketing teams from all sizes of business from start-up to multi national, across a range of geographies.

We will always agree with you what needs to be done and we will only do what is required. We will work quickly and we are committed to making things happen.

How We Help

Effective sales & marketing is not magic or mystery its about process, execution and management.

We understand the entire sales and marketing process from beginning to end, how to build it, make it repeatable, execute effectively, measure progress along the way and the management required to ensure success.

We can help with specific one-off projects right through to providing ongoing resource to deliver some or all of the process.

Call us now to arrange an introductory meeting.

Our Approach

We will:

  • Quickly understand where you are in the sales and marketing process – no long, drawn out reviews with no deliverables
  • Identify the areas that need most attention
  • Complete activities in manageable stages that deliver results and constantly move you forward, enabling you to decide what happens next
  • Only ever do what is required and as fast as possible
  • Own the problem and deliver the solution

What does it cost?

Flexibility is key for you and for us. Flexibility in the services we provide and flexibility in the way you pay to suit your budget:

  • Day rate for ‘one-off’ activities
  • Fixed project price
  • Monthly retainer

Talk to us about what works for you.

Who Is It For?

Perhaps your business is a start up company or a smaller business experiencing rapid growth and now is the time to implement a coherent sales and marketing strategy.

Alternatively, you may be an established company wishing to embark upon a phase of development or expansion but not ready to commit a full time resource, yet requiring specific capability and skills gathered from years of experience.

We have worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes in multiple geographies and here are some of the situations in which we have been able to help:

  • You have grown the business but running and managing the sales team is taking too much of your time
  • You are going through a transition phase and would like some interim/part time help
  • You need experience of specific markets to assist in launching or developing a new product and assessing the potential
  • Your sales and marketing team has grown and now needs a repeatable, measurable process to maximise effectiveness
  • You cannot afford a permanent full time experienced sales manager or sales team but would like the capability that this brings
  • You are a technical led business and now need sales and commercial experience
  • You would like someone with outside experience to assess your future plans and direction
  • Your sales and marketing team needs training/mentoring in a specific area
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Working with the Process

Working with the Process
  • Strategia Sales Management can execute some or all of the aspects of the sale cycle depending on need and maturity
  • Quickly isolate areas of most concern
  • Prioritise actions which both challenge and meet your objectives
  • Ensure that the process matches your situation and reality
  • Create a sustainable, repeatable process, tailored to your needs, for you to continue to use
  • Constantly move things forward