Core Issues

IT/Telecom infrastructures are an increasingly critical component of business processes and services for all sectors and at the same time comprise a significant cost.

The rapid development of technology means that the cost and opportunities of different architectures, sourcing models and functionalities are in constant revision and evolution.

The current core business - technology challenges are around cloud enabled infrastructures, on demand functionalities, governance of sourcing models, the paradigm of mobility and persistent connection, the total cost of ownership and how to future proof an organisation's technology assets and architecture in an ever innovating world.

Strategia has worked extensively at the intersection of the technology and business world.


The Strategia team has extensive experience in the sector.

Infrastructure outsourcing - working for both suppliers and users we have supported the development of strategy, the definition of solution and the management of tenders and supporting of bids.

We have created new application management models and supported their implementation through a change management process.

We have designed and supported the implementation of e-commerce strategies and solutions in mature organisations.

We have developed and implemented go to market strategies in a number of software and mobility companies.

We have managed the development of partnerships between non technology and technology businesses to create new services and to enable traditional organisation's to renew their value in the digital world.


Core Issues

The health care sector faces the challenges of growth and expectation.

Changing demographics, increasingly sophisticated medical and therapeutic technologies, the promotion of wellness and informed patient centric models all create new opportunities for the sector.

Within the context of rising demand there is continued to pressure to maximise the value of medical therapy and to find proven evidence based ways to innovate in the delivery of medical services.

Within this environment the issues of effective and efficient health care delivery become increasingly important. Understanding forecasting and innovating within this ever changing environment is critical for health care delivery organisations, government, pharmaceutical companies, device manufactures and providers of integrated social care.


At Strategia we have worked on strategic, development and operational projects within the health care system.

Our emphasis is on home care, telemedicine, pharmaceutical distribution and the development of technology based monitoring devices.

We have expertise and experience and have supported a number of initiatives.

Development and implementation of the Swedish Drug Utilisation review system (now a mandatory expert prescription management system) which greatly improves patient safety and radically reduces the cost of drug to drug interaction.

Development of a mail-order pharmaceutical system, which improves compliance effectiveness, cost efficiency and patient convenience.

Development of the creation of Telecare models.

Support in developing the health economics case and go to market strategies for a range of diagnostic devices.

In this area we are pleased to work with Professor James Barlow (an expert on health care innovation) of Imperial College, London and Hugo Tewson of the Chronic Foundation.