An idea is as good as the implementation. We follow through every aspect of our work with a focus on practical outcomes. We stay close to our clients and their day-to-day concerns. Our processes are simple to follow and customer-centred. Our turnaround times for projects are consistently quick.


Strategy starts with clarity of understanding and consensus within business stakeholders. We seek to build this by combining our experience and capability with the clients own knowledge.

Our established and flexible analytical methods ensure that we create insightful understanding of emerging environments, define potential options and implications and then focus on outcomes which are realistic in the marketplace and achievable in the context of the businesses competences and resources.

We help clients identify realistic goals and the process to get to them.

Business Development

We use our knowledge and expertise of the sectors, combined with specific analysis to identify business development opportunities, enhance product offerings, strengthen company value propositions and improve customer interfaces and processes.

We recognise that in today's world speed in business development is critical. Through both tools and experience we have a range of processes with enables accelerated business development.

Our experience is in both implementing these business concepts through creating partnerships and building in-house organisational structures. Our depth of experience enables us to support the whole process.


In all our sectors there is a continuing pressure to increase productivity and reduce unit cost per transaction whilst increasing quality and customer satisfaction. Cost competitiveness is at the heart of all long term success.

We have a strong understanding of operational process and the optimisation of technology and innovation and in consequence support organisations seeking more effective operational solutions.

We have supported organisations to achieve these goals through both process and operational redesign and implementation support or through designing and managing outsourcing processes.

In outsourcing we have supported companies extensively in defining objectives, analysing benefits, managing tender processes and supporting contract finalisation through both partnership and joint ventures.

Change Management

Getting an organisation to embrace change is one of the hardest aspects of management leadership. Our global experience tells us that change is not possible without understanding.

We recognise that for change to be embraced it has to be led from within, consequently we have designed and created a series of empowering change processes, with the consulting team as facilitator not leader.

This process includes designing change programmes, education around both the rationale for and the goal of change, supporting the change leader, evaluation, education, role definition, unions, review.

Our experience tells us that change processes which are well grounded and within the organisation are sustainable and create lasting benefits.