Who We Are

Established in 1999, the Strategia team is deeply experienced and brings together high level managers and senior consultants to create teams which develop practical solutions grounded in rigorous analysis. Our key group members include:

  • Adrian King

    Adrian King

    Adrian has 25 years consulting experience. He has worked in all aspects of the Postal sector from transformation issues through to business development and regulation, working for 25 Postal Companies and Organisation globally. In addition to the Postal sector he has worked extensively in all Strategia‘s other consulting areas.

  • Bengt Norin

    Bengt Norin

    Bengt has 30 years as a senior manager in technology and is a recognised pioneer of digital and e-commerce solutions for the Postal Sector. He was Business Development Director of Sweden Post through the 1990s. Over the last 10 years he has also worked extensively in the insurance and healthcare sectors.

  • Chris Thomason

    Chris Thomason
    Sales Practice Lead

    Chris has a 25 year career in the software and IT industry and leads the Strategia Sales Development business. He has built revenue and sales and marketing teams in a number of technology markets and as a sales director has led companies through the cycle of venture capital funding and diversification.

  • Elmar Toime

    Elmar Toime

    Elmar is a former CEO of New Zealand Post and Deputy Executive Chairman of Royal Mail. He now combines being an advisor to the Postal Industry with a range of Directorships in the technology sector. The transformation he led in New Zealand has long been recognised as ground breaking change in the sector enabling public service responsibility to be combined with significant commercial success.

  • Paul Daly

    Paul Daly

    Paul is an expert on e-Services innovation in the financial service and technology sectors. Prior to working with Strategia he led e-Commerce initiative for Standard Chartered and has also worked in the strategy practice of Deloitte.

  • Heimo Thomas

    Heimo Thomas

    Heiom is a former head of operations for Deutsche Post. He is an acknowledge expert in postal and logistic operations. Since entering consultancy 10 years ago he has worked across the sector delivering productivity improvements through technology, work process, and system design innovation.

  • Rune Segerblad

  • Barry Larson

  • Partners